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We create opportunities!

The focus of India is now on an image revamp. Talking about India’s image in the international circles, the initiatives taken by the Government seem to have worked and this has helped improve India's global ranking as a destination for tourists.

Our image as an ‘unclean nation, full of dirt’ has remarkably changed with the inculcation of programmes such as ‘Swacch Bharat’ and ‘Namami Gange'.

Also the image of India as a nation where women were considered unsafe is now drastically changing. All in all, change is on the rise, and tourists have started pouring in the country. But even today, India's tourism sector hasn’t realized half of its potential, which is evident from the fact that the city of New York receives more tourists than the whole nation of India.

So there is a huge market in place, with double the scope of increase. For a property owner whose property is traditionally rented or unused, this is the perfect time to start!

Starting a bed and breakfast can be a wonderful experience!

  • Using the house to its full potential
  • Companionship for empty nesters
  • Earning hotel-like revenues not at hotel-like expenses
  • Opportunity to earn extra money
  • An opportunity to network with new people
  • Helps you maintain your house well (it’s like paying yourself for cleaning your own house)

Why guests prefer homestays over hotels

Personal Hospitality – What makes the experience different from hotels and motels or vacation rentals is the personal attention and hospitality guests receive from the owner. At a B&B, a guest is not merely a customer. There is a home like feeling. The guests receive attention, welcoming environment, advice, help in making plans and solving problems, warmth and friendship.

Authentic Experiences – B&Bs provide authentic, local experiences. B&Bs are owned by local residents who are outstanding sources of information to enhance, enrich and optimize the guests’ trip. The hosts can assist the guests make the most of their trip by advising them regarding places to visit, popular attractions and activities. B&Bs offer extensive concierge services that allow the guests to see the area with “local” eyes, and enjoy experiences hotel concierges don’t even know about.